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Fratelli Cavinato Snc
Strada Fossato, 24
46040 Rodigo (MN) - IT
Tel. 0376650244
Fax 0376650286


This Management considers Quality, intended as a management system of business processes, the first factor for achieving corporate objectives and the satisfaction of all internal and external operators with whom the company relates.
To this end, F.lli Cavinato snc has decided to adopt and implement a Quality Policy aimed at continuous im- provement, customer satisfaction and understanding of the needs and expectations of all interested parties. This policy is necessary for the formalization of the objectives and commitments to be achieved.


  • Understanding the internal and external context (economic, social, regulatory, etc.) in which the company works to identify the needs and expectations of the interested parties and to seek, with constancy, satisfac- tion.
  • Identify the requirements of the Customers in a clear and complete manner, meeting their needs and creat- ing the conditions for their full satisfaction.
  • Foster the competence, awareness and involvement of all operators by communicating the objectives and involving people in achieving them.
  • Continuously seek solutions, processes, appropriate and efficient operating methods that make it possible to be technologically and organizationally at the forefront, in all corporate activities affecting Quality, pre- venting the occurrence of non-compliance;
  • Give opportunities and incentive to every collaborator through training, motivation and involvement, to contribute to the constant improvement of the Quality System;
  • To operate in full compliance with the contractual conditions, as well as the legislation and legislation in force, with particular attention to aspects concerning safety in the workplace and the environment;
  • Define clear, concrete and measurable objectives by seeking to constantly improve processes, company performance and the ability to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Maintain cost levels that involve sales prices that, while competitive, allow profitability that encourages ex- perimentation with innovative solutions to achieve, without compromise and effectively, compliance with the requirements and customer satisfaction.


To achieve the objectives described, the Management is committed to:
  • Provide the directives and monitor the constant development, maintenance and improvement of the Quality management system by working in close contact with the Quality Management Manager.
  • Ensure compliance with the obligations set by the community directives that regulate the sector of activity
  • Effectively communicate the objectives to all internal and external stakeholders of the company.
The Management of F.lli Cavinato snc