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Fratelli Cavinato Snc
Strada Fossato, 24
46040 Rodigo (MN) - IT
Tel. 0376650244
Fax 0376650286


Design development and construction of rollers for open and multiple profiles, forming and calibrating rollers for tubes, welding rollers, shaped rollers for bending. All products are provided with materials certification, thermal treatment and final grinding.
Thermal treatments and ground shafts; milled, drilled and special finished mechanical parts.
Inner consumption components for high density fluid pumps.
Bronze plain bearings with lubrification grooves.
Low inertia idle rollers, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc plated or painted steel.
Low inertia jacket cooling rollers, aluminum, stainless steel.
Heavy-duty idle rollers, turned, ground, stainless steel, zinc plated or painted steel.
Heavy-duty idle heating rollers by diathermic oil / hot water / steam, turned, ground, stainless steel or painted steel.
Roller with rubber coating, embossing finishing, anti-sticking cover, ground after case hardering.
Big diameter cooling rollers (drums), with stainless steel jacket finishing .
Cavinato is able to set up special equipments on customer's needs:
winding and unwinding mandrels, accumulating double mandrels, edge guide vice, roll frames, cooling tanks, brackets for high frequency welders, internal and external bead removing tools
aspi avvolgitori, aspi devolgitori, aspi doppi di accumulo, morse guida nastro, teste di turco, vasche di raffreddamento, supporti per saldatrici ad alta frequenza, attrezzi scordonatori interni ed esterni per saldature.