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Fratelli Cavinato Snc
Strada Fossato, 24
46040 Rodigo (MN) - IT
Tel. 0376650244
Fax 0376650286

Technology and dimensional control

The workshop production makes use of recent technologies and related mainly to the use of CNC machine tools, which ensure consistency in size of working parts with removal of chips, a default level of surface roughness, and the precision in the execution of complex profiles and connections between radiuses and curves.
The use of this machine typology needs, especially for the making of forming rollers and their regeneration, to program the CNC machines and to enter the data of drawings using a CAD/CAM software that makes easier the development of an exact particular working cycle and to keep drawings and profiles archived.
In this particular work cycle comes into play the experience that the company has completed in the heat treatment field, in the knowledge of alloy steels for cold forming and finishing operations and final grinding.
Materials and heat treatments are accompanied by manifacturer certification, the ones most used are: K100 (UNI X205Cr12KU), K110 (UNI X155CrVMo121KU), W302 (for weldings), Ampco Bronze 25 for the production of inox steel tubes. The company can also supply rollers, shafts and critical parts with chromium, tungsten, antiabrasives, antigrip lining/covering through plasma coating technology and antigalling alloy workings.
For size, surface and hardness controls, Cavinato has installed a workroom with specific equipments: a hardometer, a profilometer, an electronic share detector with a high dimensional stability granite surface support, a gauge of concentricity and all the classical mechanical measure instruments.